eHOWINDIA SERVICES PVT. LTD(ASSOCIATE WITH RUDRAINFOTEC , SKILLSUPPORT , OUTSOURCE SOLUTIONS)Recognition as a reputed outsourcing and web solution company for outsourcing, web designing, ecommerce website development.

Q: Tell me more about eHowIndia

We provide IT services like Web Design and Maintanance,Search Engine Optimization,Digital Marketing,Web Hosting,Domain Registration,E-commerce Website.Functioning since year 2008, providing quality and affordable services to 300+ customers.

Q: Can I cut down on my operational costs by outsourcing to eHowIndia?

Yes. By teaming with us, you can reduce your current operating expenses by a whopping 40–65% without compromising on quality or timelines. In fact, you will soon see a marked increase in your ROI, as our services are accurate, are of impeccable quality, and are always delivered ahead of schedule. If required, we can also provide you with an overview of the cost of your project.

Q: Will my business-sensitive data remain secure?

We understand how important it is to keep customer data secure, private, and confidential. Our organization has taken several stringent security measures, such as:

  • At the onset of every project, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with the client, and our employees must sign a non-disclosure agreement as well.
  • Our security team has installed virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls to maintain outbound and inbound data security.
  • All the PC workstations that our employees use are devoid of external access and storage devices, such as USB ports, CD drives and floppy drives.
  • Every system in our office and every employee email account is password-protected to prevent any unauthorized use of data.

Q: How will communication take place between us?

As our customer, you will not encounter any language barriers, as all communication about your project will take place in English only. All our employees are fluent in spoken and written English. You can choose any communication channel that best suits you—phone, email or chat.

Q: How can I be assured of high quality in my project?

We have a specially designed workflow along with highly qualified QA professionals whose aim is to deliver only premium quality services. You can test and verify the quality of our work throughout the course of the project.

Q: Are your employees experienced, certified and qualified?

At eHowIndia, we firmly believe in delivering quality services, so we hire only the best people. All our employees hold bachelor's or master's degrees from reputed institutions, in business, engineering, computer science, commerce or the arts, and have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience. For services that require a particular skill or expertise in software, we ensure that we hire certified candidates who have undergone specific and relevant training. Our employees constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge through seminars and meetings.

Q: Do you use the latest and best in infrastructure and technology?

Yes. At eHowIndia, we make no compromises when it comes to the technology, software, and infrastructure that we use. We utilize the best in internet connectivity. Our network features include firewalls, advanced VPN communications, virus prevention/ cure, spam filers and URL filtering. We also have 100% redundancy and a fool-proof business continuity plan. Read more about our best-of-breed infrastructure.

Q: Does eHowIndia possess long-term viability?

Yes, we consider our long-term viability to be excellent. You need not have any reservations about teaming up with us, as we are completely debt-free. To ensure our viability, we always make it a point to sign outsourcing contracts or agreements.

Q: How are completed contracts or work orders signed off?

Once the project is completed, we will provide you with a work order form that you have to fill in and sign. Once this is done, you can either fax or email a copy to us.

Q: What modes of payment do you accept?

Once the project is completed and you are satisfied with the results, you can pay us either by wire transfer or by check. In case you wish to pay us through any other method, you can let our customer support team know, and they will guide you appropriately.

Q: What makes eHowIndia unique?

Our years of experience in IT solutions, combined with our low operating cost, flexibility, expertise, reliability, and integrity make us the best in the offshore market.

Q: How can I benefit by working with eHowIndia?

At eHowIndia, we can assure you that your project will be completed on schedule, within budget and in accordance with international quality standards.

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